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Frequently Asked Questions
Raleigh Wedding Officiant's Frequently Asked Questions                                                              
Are you a real minister?
The real question is how were you ordained? My ordination as a minister did not come in the mail. I received my ordination through education and years of ministerial duties in the local church. I currently serve on the staff at RFA Church in Raleigh, NC.  

As a “real” minister does our ceremony have to be religious?
Before moving to Raleigh, I performed ceremonies in every major hotel and wedding chapel in Las Vegas, so the answer is no, it does not have to be religious. 
I offer non-denominational and civil ceremonies. I am also comfortable with non-traditional ceremonies; it's o.k. to have fun on your wedding day.

How long have you been officiating weddings and how many couples have you married?
I have been officiating weddings for more than 30 years and have married over 80,000 couples.  David Hart from Australia said it best, “ Rev. Ron, I married an Australian girl that I had only known for 5 days and 9 years later we have 2 daughters and we are still in love. I know that our wedding was one of thousands for you, but for us it was the only one.  Thank you for making our wedding day special.” Facebook-Rev Ron Weddings

Is it really important to have a seasoned officiant?
We have all been to a wedding where Aunt Martha’s son just graduated from seminary, it’s his first wedding and he’s willing to do it for a few dollars.  Make sure and send that video to America’s Funniest Videos.

Is it O.K. to tip the minister? 
It is not required, but if you feel that you received good service, yes you can. 

How long is the ceremony?
The National Association of Weddings surveyed 3,000 couples and asked them how long should a ceremony take? 10 minutes is too short, past 30 minutes too long and the sweet spot is 20 minutes. Again, it all depends on your decision. You will have the opportunity to give the final approval of your ceremony. I’m always happy to make any changes or include any special request you may have.

How do we reserve our wedding date?
First things first: CONTACT ME to see if your date and time is available on my schedule. There is no charge for our first “get acquainted” meeting. Your first meeting can be scheduled at the church office or at a Starbucks location. If you decide at that time to have me perform your ceremony you simply pay a deposit to hold my services and then pay the remaining amount prior to the ceremony. Once the deposit is made your wedding date is confirmed.  The deposit can be made online with a credit or debit card using Paypal.

Can we write our own vows?
Yes!  Writing your own marriage vows can be a wonderful way of personalizing your wedding. If you prefer to use traditional vows, I will help you find vows that are appropriate to your background.

 If I cancel can I request a refund?
There is no refund for a cancellation. The $100 deposit is non-refundable. Only those in the military that are deployed prior to their wedding date are eligible for a refund. Proof of deployment is required.

 How do I change my name after the wedding? 
You will need a certified copy of your marriage license to change your name on your driver's license and Social Security Account. Please check with the County Register of Deeds Office in which you purchased your license to request your certified copy. You will not automatically receive one; it must be requested and purchased.

Do we need a PA system?  
If there are less than 40 wedding guests and they are seated close to the bride and groom there is no need for a sound system. If there are more than 40 guests and the venue does not have a small portable system, you can rent one from Rev Ron Weddings for $150.00. 

Do you perform weddings outdoors or in unusual locations? 
Since creativity and the expression of your personal values and interests are the name of the game, we will work with you to provide a memorable and "uniquely you" wedding ceremony experience. That includes your location. We've performed ceremonies on Jeep trails, at the beach, in a hot air balloon, on a mountainside, on a houseboat and even at a baseball field. 

How much advance notice do you need in order to book a wedding?
It depends on the date, the venue, and the amount of guests that will be attending. Of course, we will always take short notice and day of marriage appointments, if available. Large weddings at a premium venue or location should be booked at least six months in advance. Remember that there are peak seasons which include April thru October that book quickly.  We cannot hold your date and time without the deposit.

Are there any other additional charges?
The only extra charge you might incur is if your ceremony does not start on time. We allow a 30 minute grace period after which we do charge additionally for each 15-minute increment of time that is delayed ($50 for each 15 minutes or portion thereof). While this rarely happens, you will want to consider your time choice carefully when booking with us. Be sure your site coordinator is aware of this, as well. Being timely is what allows us to keep our prices reasonable! Travel fees may apply if we have to travel more than 50 miles one way.
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