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San Diego Wedding News

Passion Will Push You to the Next Step in Excellence

by Ron Porras on 05/30/11

Reverend Ron Weddings of San Diego

 I am always amazed when the subject of wedding vendors is brought up   and most of the time the wedding officiant is not mentioned. Five years from now when our couple sits down to view their wedding DVD, one of the main highlights that will bring tears to their eyes will be the ceremony. The definition of Passion is a strong desire or devotion to some activity, which in our case is the wedding ceremony. Passion for what we do that is not based on greed, will always place us above the competition. It gives us the drive to do something in the best interest of our clients and not ourselves. I have officiated 80,000 plus weddings and my passion is still there for every couple and their ceremony. Mark, in an article for "Book More Brides" said, "Passion will push you to the next step in excellence". And to that I say, "Amen", Rev. Ron Weddings of San Diego

Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort Endorses Rev. Ron Weddings of San Diego

by Ron Porras on 03/08/11

 Carlsbad Inn Beach Resorts endorses Rev. Ron Weddings of San Diego on Wedding Wire.

"Ron is great to work with and everyone I have referred to him, loves him!"

The Pointe is one of the most picturesque locations at the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort. The Pointe offers breathtaking ocean views amid surrounding greenery-an idyllic setting for up to 60 of your friends and family to witness the exchange or renewal of your vows. Morning ceremonies are held at 9:30 a.m. and twilight ceremonies at 3:30 p.m. Carlsbad Inn is located in the middle of the quaint village of Carlsbad, California. The resort is a romantic destination for your wedding ceremony boasting beautiful outdoor green and lush gardens with a stunning oceanview. This is the wedding location of your dreams. It is always a great pleasure to work with Caroleann Petz, Director of Sales and Marketing. Elope to Carlsbad!

Tom Bergeron Hosts Your Wedding Ceremony Disaster

by Ron Porras on 02/11/11

A wedding minister has only one chance at the wedding ceremony and there can be many distractions such as  forgotten rings, fainting groomsmen, missed cues, cell phones ringing, sirens from emergency vehicles blaring as they go by, and a microphone badly placed on a stand in front of the minister. Yeah, I'm sure that's what the photographer wants in every shot during the ceremony. Cues both verbal and non-verbal can be given to the bridal party to eliminate stress from these distractions but that only comes from someone who has performed thousands of weddings.   Rev. Ron is experienced in television, radio and as a keynote speaker, which makes him a perfect candidate for a professional officiant that can guide you through those distractions. When you are making the decision for a wedding officiant always ask, "How many weddings have you done?" The more experienced your officiant, the less chance your wedding video shows up on "America's Funniest Videos". We all want to meet a "Hollywood Star" but Tom Bergeron laughing at your wedding video is not what the bride dreamed of.

Rev. Ron

Reverend Ron Weddings of San Diego

San Diego Wedding Minister Tells Us How Valentine's Day Began

by Ron Porras on 02/04/11

There are many legends about how Valentine's Day began, according to Rev. Ron from Reverend Ron Weddings in San Diego. One such legend states that Valentine sent the first letter when he fell in love with a young girl who some believe was the jailor's daughter. She visited him in prison and before his death he wrote her a letter and signed it, "from your Valentine, " which is widely used today. This Valentine was a priest in Rome's third century, where the Roman Emperor banned marriage for young men, because he kept losing potential soldiers to love. This priest was arrested for performing marriages for young lovers in secret.

Wedding Officiant and Vendor Selection

by Ron Porras on 01/14/11

I have seen wedding planners and photographers that are so set on keeping their couple on a schedule, or the photographer taking the 400th picture, that many couples get irrated and  were not able to enjoy the day as they had dreamed of. As a wedding officiant of Reverend Ron Weddings in the San Diego area, I have married over 80,000 couples the last 25 years and have seen the best and worst officiants and vendors in the industry. Communication and planning of every minute of your wedding day is important to insure that the days runs smoothly.  Some couples prefer a large collection of photos and others enjoy spending time with family and friends. Whatever your preference is make sure that there is a balance and that your personal preferences come first, after all it's your day and your money.

When choosing your vendor or minister, don't be afraid to ask lots of questions and always ask, "How many weddings have you done?" Another good question is, "Do you do this part-time or full-time?", and of course, "How long have you been in business?" Professional vendors will have a storefront location or office and should be equipped with the latest communication tools to handle your call, fax, text and video chats. If their business is not full-time that may limit their availability to assist you. Let me know what tips you have have for selecting a vendor. After the interview, remember this, "Your vendor should be the expert and the interview should reflect their expertise." Rev. Ron

San Diego Wedding News
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