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Rev. Ronville, CA Population: A Lot of Married Couples

by Ron Porras on 06/22/11

carlsbad inn beach resort  I recently booked a destination wedding with Brian and Melinda from D.C They are getting married at the beautiful Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort  and what he shared with me in an email had me laughing in stitches. I spent 20 years in Las Vegas before moving to San Diego and it was there that I performed more than 80,000 weddings. In 20 years that was easy to do considering your work was in the marriage capitol of the world, where 100,000 + couples get married each year. When Brian saw the amount of weddings I performed his reaction was,  " Rev., I just did the math on the weddings you've officiated and the fees involved. YOWZZAAAA!!! You could buy Oceanside and name it Rev. Ronville Population: A Lot of Married Couples."   LOL  I've always known that 80,000 was a big number but I never compared it to a city.                                                                      Rev. Ron Weddings of San Diego

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