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Rev. Ron Weddings and the Carlsbad Inn Open House

by Ron Porras on 10/19/11

Rev. Ron Weddings of San Diego participates in the Event Planner Open House at the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort hosted by Joli Hatch and Caroleann Petz. We met alot of great people and even talked to a few brides. Thanks for hosting the event, Debbie and I had a great time. To all our brides, consider Carlsbad Inn for your special beach wedding venue. It is located in the quaint village of Carlsbad a romantic destination for your wedding ceremony, boasting outdoor gardens and a stunning ocean view. The wedding location of your dreams is right here in Carlsbad, a great San Diego destination..

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1. Joli said on 10/20/11 - 11:16AM
Thank you Rev Ron! It was great to have you and Debbie here. We love working with you!

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