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by Ron Porras on 05/22/12

1. The Venue Size:  Match the number of your guests to the size of the venue. Rule out the venues that are too big or too small for your guests. Estela and Bryan chose this location for its' scenic beauty, historic charm and perfect size for their 150 plus guests.

venue in pasadena ca castle green rev ron weddings of san diego                           

2. Location: Be considerate of your guests and how far they will have to travel. After all, they have to drive home after the reception. Castle Green is one of Pasadena's most unique hotels built in 1898 in the Morrish, Colonial and Spanish style. The castle is located near Colorado Blvd., home of the Tournament of Roses Parade.            

bilingual wedding of estela and bryan officiated by rev ron of san diego

3. Ceremony at the Venue: The popular trend is to have the ceremony and the reception at the same location, but the reception room needs to feel really special for your perfect wedding day. The castle hosts the Palm Terrace Ballroom. Bryan and Estela embraced their cultural roots with a bilingual ceremony.

palm terrace ballroom pasadena ca  rev ron weddings

4. Catering Options: Do your research and ask lots of questions when you plan your reception meal. Asking the right questions can save you thousands of dollars. Castle Green offers 5 caterers to choose from ranging in price from $50-$150 per person and the option to bring in your own alcohol. Those 2 options alone will save you a substantial amount of cash.


5. Wedding Photography: Wedding photography is an important way to record and remember your special day. Choose a venue that offers great photographic areas that can be taken on site without having to go elsewhere. Rev. Ron toured the facilities and was impressed with its' blend of architect featuring domes, arches, pillars, ponds and balconies offering hundreds of photographic memories for your special day.

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1. Brenda said on 7/3/12 - 09:59PM
These are great tips, Ron. As a wedding coordinator, I've seen couples make mistakes in all of the areas you mention. Thanks for the info.

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