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Fee Includes:
  • Unlimited planning time via e-mail and phone. 
  • Ceremony Planning – special music, readings, rose ceremony, Unity candle and many more options. 
  • Filing of your marriage license at the County Recorder's Office.

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Wedding Ceremony Outline

1. The Declaration:  “We are here to celebrate with _________ and __________ an important moment in their lives . . . “. 
2. Minister asks, if bride is escorted, “Who gives this bride in marriage?”
3. Greeting the guests and they are told that they are here to witness and celebrate your marriage.
4. Optional: Sometimes the minister is asked to acknowledge past loved ones, or a special acknowledgement is given to the parents. 
5. Optional Invocation: This is where the spiritual content of the ceremony is spoken. For example: I Corinthians tells us that, “Love is patient, kind, gentle, joyous . . .”. And a small prayer is given that God’s blessing would be upon this union. 
6. Readings about love: You can choose the readings that the minister has or you can choose your own.
7. Your Marriage Vows: As a bride and groom you are publicly pledging your love one to another with your family and friends as witnesses. There are two sections in your vows. The first section you are asked, “Do you take _________ to be your wife . . .” In the second section you are asked to repeat after the minister. Some couples choose to use the minister’s words for the first section and then write their owns vows that they repeat to each other.
8. The Exchange of Rings: Most couples use the minister’s words, but you always have the option to use your own.
9. Optional Unity Candle, Sand or Wine Ceremony: In the unity candle ceremony the couple takes their individual candle and together they light the center candle which represents the joining of their two lives. In the sand ceremony, two glass of sand are poured into one and in the wine ceremony two glasses are poured into one. Other optional ceremonies may be religious or cultural traditions that can be added.
10. Closing poem or reading to be chosen by the minister or couple.
11. Blessing or Prayer given by the minister.
12. Pronouncement of Mr. and Mrs.

This is only to be used as a guideline. You can design a ceremony that fits your traditions, beliefs and personalities.